Halloween Countdown: They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara!

I’m keeping the vintage theme going today with an amazing series of screenshots put together by My Monster Memories.

I might make a lot of enemies by saying this, but I’m rather tired of zombies (I even stopped watching The Walking Dead!). However, the original Night of the Living Dead is a classic film. Barbara certainly has her melodramatic moments, and the following images display a single brief emotional meltdown (as she recounts how she and her brother were attacked by zombies).

I want to make a flip book out of these. Scrolling through, I’m enjoying this old favorite in a brand new way!













Excellent job, My Monster Memories!


7 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara!”

  1. 13hearseman13 Says:

    I too am VERY tired of the whole Zombie thing–dare I say more so than the vampire sects that ruined the Goth scene in NYC 15 years ago. Have not resumed Walking Dead, but watched it for the post-disaster survival storyline. Night of the Living Dead, and Romero in general, is another story, however.

    Watched NOTLD a week or two ago, in a clean, crisp DVD from an original negative that gave a whole new viewing delight to this old grufti. I think it is an amazing film, and as pivotal to the Horror Genre as Psycho had been.

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Heck, I do that every time I spend too much time with my brother! Have to rewatch. Looks fun!

  3. Wow. She’s got every single “NOOOOoooo!” and “ALAS!” and “! feel so cold…” in quick succession. That can’t be easy!

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