Halloween Countdown: 1976 Super Gruesome Iron On Transfers

Neato Coolville featured these excellent iron on transfers, featuring some classic fiends.

1976 Super-Gruesome Iron-On Transfers Ad

I think I’d wear every one of these on a T-shirt for Halloween.
1976 Super-Gruesome Iron-On Gory Eye Vampire

In fact, this is going to be be new “migraine T-shirt” for those headachy days.
1976 Super-Gruesome Iron-On Spiked Mummy

Which one is your favorite?
1976 Super-Gruesome Iron-On Medusa

1976 Super-Gruesome Iron-On Mummy

There are some leads for original image sourcing here.


3 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: 1976 Super Gruesome Iron On Transfers”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Hmmm. Movie monsters or made up ghouls and spooks? What to do, what to do? Time to get out the poison blow darts and choose by where it falls.

  2. My favourite is the last one, he looks so determined and stoical. But that poor guy in the second one! Stabbed in the head, crying blood and he can’t even say anything about it!

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