Halloween Countdown: Time for Cake

The cake below was the inspiration for a whole post on the subject. Can you believe this is a cake?

On the flipside, we have simple and classy:


Holy hell…

Holy hell, and then some…

For those who want to keep it pretty:

And for those who prefer to keep it undead:

The pumpkin trifecta:

Oh my god…

Great design on this little Sleep Hollow treat.

Images via Google search and Cake Wrecks.


6 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Time for Cake”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Now I’m Hongry! That first one needs to be in my cabinet of curiosities, NOT EATEN! The clown freaks me out the most, but these are all deliciously chosen, Dana!

  2. Oh Dana, these cakes are Amazingly Fablus and Quite Wonderfule! Which is to say (in cake speak) that I’ve been away, yet AGAIN, far too long, but, on coming home, realise what I’ve been missing.

    Life’s rather difficult and scary right now, but having you to come home to makes that All Right. In fact it makes it so much better than all right…

    You’re a precious thing Dana; take care of yourself girl, because so many of us need you in our lives.

    Love, Nx

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Awwww…what a timely sweet comment! I’ve been having the most unbelievable pain flare and this just made my day!

  3. I scarcely believe that first one! The detail on that thing is astonishing. I particularly like the octopus one and the skull-burst

  4. These are all cakes I’d rather have than eat, wouldn’t you agree?

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