Sweet Fix: Richmond Philharmonic Cake

Here one of my favorite cakes from Sweet Fix, made for the Richmond Philharmonic.


These disembodied conductor hands, seemingly floating in midair, are one of the most unique music themed confections I’ve laid eyes on. One can almost hear the orchestra play…


Sweet Fix


5 Responses to “Sweet Fix: Richmond Philharmonic Cake”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Beautiful! How do you justify cutting into it (although my tummy will argue the point!)?

  2. Unless my arm is bent I couldn’t cut into it, especially if it marks a very special occasion and cost a small fortune. Probably put it under glass on a shelf to enjoy. As for the guests, let them enjoy the giant sheet cake set aside, their tummies and tongues won’t know the difference.

  3. This cake is almost miraculous!

  4. Strangertobluewater Says:

    You have a lovely red velvet curtain and gold color theme going on in the last two posts. The hard wood “flooring” detail on the cake is mind blowing. They did a much better job than the guys who did the flooring in my house.

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