Skeleton Crow and Disfigured Duck

My favorite time of year is rapidly approaching! Halloween items are starting to pop up, and I want to share my two favorites from Grandin Road this year.

The caged skeleton crow is a fantastic, unique decoration, don’t you think?



Next, “Disfigured Duck.” I’m entertained by this random choice of undead water fowl, AND its odd, almost inappropriate title.


Eyeball in the mouth. Nice touch.

I encourage you all to share your favorite Halloween links with me (I’ll credit you, naturally)!


4 Responses to “Skeleton Crow and Disfigured Duck”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    I feel like that crow about now. Though it is more preferable to a zombiefied mallard.

    AC Moore’s pickings are really weak. Have seen such scant odds and ends to have dashed my hopes. Many places are already discounting Hallow’een heavily. Did I miss it all?

  2. As for as I’m concerned it’s Halloween time here in USNY. The air is nippy crisp, the woods are whispering and there’s that groovy kind of spooky we all love. Hey, what a coincidence, I’ve also had my eye on that cool skeleton crow, amongst other items of course. Loved Grandin Road’s Halloween stuff for years. I’m guessing you watched their Battle of the Bones?

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