Andy Gilmore

I don’t often gravitate toward geometric graphic design, but Andy Gilmore’s work is positively hypnotic.


I could get lost in these patterns.

Once I hit Advanced Pre-Calculus in high school, my brain decided that it wanted nothing to do with math beyond that point. But I’m mesmerized by intricate mathematical patterns in art and nature.

Such glorious, ordered complexity…


Andy Gilmore


8 Responses to “Andy Gilmore”

  1. Oh, a heartfelt YES to the pre-calculus brain meltdown, but YES also to a fascination with intricate mathematical patterns! I’m hooked by Chaos Theory, fractals, and now, apparently… Vegetable Chemistry. Um, Vegetable Chemistry…? I may have missed something (highly likely) but does Gilmore give more information about his vegetable art? Can someone point me in the right direction, cos I’d be really interested to hear the theory behind these images. -Nx

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:

    They look neat, and orderly. I detect a pattern, but I can’t compute. “Hands up who likes calculus!” (*Bettie reaches both arms quickly, stiff as boards, towards the floor)

  3. Dazzling. With a little talent one can do tiles in this fashion. You’d probably very much like this place nearby me, Kaatskill Kaleidoscope, the worlds largest 60 ft kaleidoscope:

  4. This is absolutely beautiful…

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