Tasty Soil

I can always count on Monster Brains to showcase great stuff. Tasty Soil is the wild, weird and wonderful artwork of Chris Pottinger. Are you ready for some awesome monsters that look like rampant doodles came to life on the page?

Molting Cartilage Blister

Look at them! Globs of overflowing viscera and teeth, mysterious piles of organs and glands, too many eyeballs!
Gelatinous Creased Lesion - Chris Pottinger www.TASTYSOIL.com

I’m definitely going to print out some of the black and white monsters to color…because I’m not ashamed to act like a five year old. Every adult should pull out some markers and color a monster, now and then.

Ointment Organ Inspection - Chris Pottinger www.TASTYSOIL.com

Since I’m still battling some serious health issues, I think I’m going to use these monsters as my visual adjectives on especially tough days.

“How are you feeling, Dana?”
“Like this:”
Licked Mucous Tube - Chris Pottinger www.TASTYSOIL.com
“…thanks for asking!”

Tangled Wart Abscess - Chris Pottinger www.TASTYSOIL.com

See more at Tasty Soil.


3 Responses to “Tasty Soil”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    It’s sort of like Mad Magazine and Pushead meets Garbage Pail Kids. All held together with soap bubbles and bubble gum.

  2. Anna Barlow and him ought to get together.

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