Alfred Hitchcock Book Covers Megapost: Part 1

The master of suspense had many books. While I’ve enjoyed his TV shows and movies very much, I don’t think I’ve actually read any of the books. However, I adore the vintage book covers, almost all of which have Hitchcock himself somehow incorporated (often humorously) into the artwork. I’ve managed to collect many images of them over the years, so here’s the first installment.















11 Responses to “Alfred Hitchcock Book Covers Megapost: Part 1”

  1. I can’t pick a favorite book cover. Some if not all would make awesome posters. I’ve always been a fan of Hitchcock, which shocks me why I didn’t add him to Pinterest before.
    He was considered the anti-Walt Disney equal in prestige and for ingenious fame. Who could forget Hitchcock’s instantly recognizable sneaky-creepy theme music and his boorishly intriguing introduction to each presentation – “Gooood evening, ladies and gents….” Precisely how he extended vowels differed throughout his years of undulating health issues with terrible dietary habits and overbearing stress. I think he died in 1980. Also the year I got hit by a car and almost died myself. Eerie coincidence? Yeah, probably not. Hitchcock reminds me of a fatter version of my German grandfather and more ironically Anthony Hopkins who plays Hitchcock’s character in his life story movie, looks very much like my Norwegian grandfather. I’ve showed you the pics if you remember. Anyhow I’ve seen the movie Hitchcock. I personally loved it and recommend it.

    • bettiemuldoon Says:

      Keric, were you at one of Dana’s soiree’s? I remember someone sitting alone in a corner with a big photo album with old pictures years back. So then we may have met.

      • Bettie, naw, unfortunately I wasn’t there (crestfallen). But I’m sure after Dana trains me properly and gets me a spiked collar, she’ll have me at many of her future soiree’s.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I did see that movie and liked it a lot! I’m also a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock present and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

  2. Only Hitchcock would ever be seen in a haunted, hippo-Spector drawn herselike carriage. And only you could find such an image. That is precisely why I’m such a fan of “She Walks Softly”.

  3. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Mum worked in a used paperback store for many years. I had every last one of these. Most were the Dell $.50 editions. I devoured them whenever she brought them home. Sadly a flood destroyed the lot, along with a dozen or so Dark Shadows paperbacks.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Awww…what a shame! I knew if anyone had them, it would be you!

      • bettiemuldoon Says:

        Ah, but they were more fun to read! I would have loved to have you read thru my old library, savouring the covers, the smell of the aging paper, and dust. I lost $1000’s in books in the one ground floor apartment I lived in, during a particularly rainy month.

      • shewalkssoftly Says:

        So tragic to lose those treasures! But you are still swimming in treasures w/all your collections. 🙂

  4. These are all fantastic! I’m impressed by the sheer quantity of skulls. Russian roulette with a Hitchcock-loaded cannon is very dangerous, though.

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