Anna Barlow Ceramics

Anna Barlow is one of my favorite ceramic artists. She creates decadent heaps of melting, oozing treats that seem to defy the laws of physics (obviously, treats really do defy physics otherwise I wouldn’t be totally up for dessert on a full stomach, which I often am. The regular stomach and “dessert stomach” are separate organs).



In her own words:
I am fascinated by the way we eat food, especially by the rituals around celebrational or indulgent treats that have developed; the way they are assembled, displayed and then eaten. I am also interested in how food tells a story of the people and place it’s in. A full stand of ice creams could suggest a hot day or treats abandoned for some mysterious reason…


Anna Barlow


4 Responses to “Anna Barlow Ceramics”

  1. Mmmmmmm, yum, we all scream for ice cream ! Even for these faux delectables of eyeball heaven that makes my tongue want to lick the screen. If I owned an ice cream parlor it would look like a combination of 50’s style décor and an imaginary world of everything made of our ice cream dreams. And yes, the dessert stomach is a separate organ which when not maintained produces sadness and discontent. The only question remains: Sprinkles or no sprinkles. Sprinkles, please. 🙂

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Two stomachs? Me too! I have a big one made for chocolate, and the smaller that makes people wonder why I don’t want seconds at dinner.

  3. Ah, so there’s a separate ‘dessert stomach’ which requires proper maintenance (ie, copious refills…?) at all times. Suddenly it all makes sense! **Dashes to fridge for essential Double-chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake top-up** -Nx

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