Debra Bernier

I find Debra Bernier’s “Earth Sculptures” profoundly moving and uplifting.


I’ve always loved (and believed) the idea that a unique, yet universally interconnected life force exists in all things. It’s as if Debra draws this life force out in her gently emerging figures…gorgeously defined, fading seamlessly in and out of the natural structures they inhabit.


As a very imaginative child, I frequently saw shapes and faces in wood, rock, sand, etc. These sculptures remind me to keep looking.

Debra Bernier


3 Responses to “Debra Bernier”

  1. I absolutely love this with all in my heart and soul. I like how she carves the tree wood be a fine sculpture than rough and blocky like a kid with a chainsaw. A perfect honor to the nature spirits.
    As you perfectly know by now I also believe there’s a life force, an interconnectedness in everything, be it however meek and obsolete it may, there’s empathetically palpable spirit that if you only listen and meditate you will “know it”. This “KNOWING” couldn’t be more prominent amongst forestry and which is why I prefer to live amidst nature and keep a toehold in the big city ( if only to make the urban part of me happy). Science and mainstream religion prefers to label the life force, but we know it’s much more meaningful than that. It goes to the root of spiritualism, clinging to our soul, revealing the magick encompassing the five elements: water, fire, earth, air, and spirit. If you want to know a gnome-looking, nature loving spirit with a heart of gold, check out Mick Dodge.

  2. These are so beautiful. Wish I owned one (though tbh I’d have a hard time choosing just one…) -Nx

  3. ~meredith Says:

    what expression. what wonder. ‘like’ doesn’t seem like a powerful enough affirmation. ❤

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