Jamie Fales

This first image goes out to my fellow lighthearted dancer in darkness Carrie.

Although one might think a narwhal would be out of place in a doughnut shop, the respective designs of those two things are actually quite complementary (narwhals figure quite prominently into her work, undoubtedly because they are amazing).

Other creatures appear where you least expect them.

She does vinyl toy customs as well!

Jamie Fales


4 Responses to “Jamie Fales”

  1. I think this is sweet as donut glaze. 🙂

  2. Carrie Filetti Says:

    Oh, Dana!!!! How cute is this! I love you to pieces! oxoxoxo

  3. I want, ‘Like a narwhal in a doughnut shop!’ printed on a t-shirt 🙂 -Nx

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