Philip Treacy

Check out this headpiece by Philip Treacy (no pics at the link…sorry).

I would most likely injure myself I put this on (and would definitely injure others), but you have to admire the construction! Ah, like a gothic ship in the night…


2 Responses to “Philip Treacy”

  1. It’s certainly the snazziest hat I’ve seen to date since the royal wedding. Simply a gorgeous piece of haunting sophistication. For me it’s reminiscent of the Black Pearl ship and would be perfect with elegant black attire for a celebrity to wear to a POTC movie premiere… or for a classy Halloween costume as the aggrieved widower of a drowned seafarer or be it the Flying Dutchman’s captain….or buy it for your wife to see her smile.

  2. Well I can’t imagine wearing it, but I do love it everso!

    DiePresse has a gorgeous slideshow of Treacy’s Swarovski Vienna installation but, a) the site’s in German (though the pics say it all, really), and b) ::WARNING, WILL ROBINSON, WARNING!:: There’s a rather naughty bikini top on the same page, illustrating another article. So click at your peril đŸ™‚ :

    Personally I love the ‘Dead Forest Fell on My Head’ one. Can totally see myself going to the shops in that! đŸ˜‰ -Nx

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