Ellen Rixford

Ellen Rixford creates mixed media puppets, sculptures and automata that are fun, beautiful, imaginative and full of character.



One of my favorites in her portfolio:

I haven’t seen many artists do cloth portraits of this type, but I think it works!

Ellen Rixford

One Response to “Ellen Rixford”

  1. Very interesting. The cloth portraits are neat but they have to be covered in glass or I don’t want to see how much dust collects in the nooks and crannies.
    I noticed she does a lot of window displays. I have a place in my heart for fanciful and preferably mechanized window displays of spectacular magical scenes, especially during the holidays. It brings simple joy that reflects on everyone’s face corralled beside the glass: that unmistakable look of our inner child gleaming back in our eyes and roseying our smiles and who tends to only appear whenever pure happiness is abound.

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