Theoretical Part

Theoretical Part is a “creative community” of two illustrators from Rostov-on-Don, Russia.


Most of these works are ink on paper, done in luscious detail.


There are a number of beautiful typewriter images in the portfolio (which I love, of course), always teeming with wildlife, creatures and growing plants…


Check out her series of zodiac lettering!

Theoretical Part


3 Responses to “Theoretical Part”

  1. I love the typewriter imagery especially. I remember sitting at my Grandma’s old Underwood from the 1920’s, tapping away like I even had any sense of how to spell, at age 4 or 5. Her two beagles at my feet, a Siamese cat on the table. Probably a glass of milk and cheese and mustard sandwiches.

    These typewriters have every bit of mystery and imagination as the one I recall. What wonderful memories this brings. Thank you, Dana! xo

  2. This all magnificent. Every bit of it here and their website. Simple yet complicated, black ink and hatching, and the splendid sepia ( it’s too yellow, more brownish… I remember well ). Who uses the word “splendid” anymore, in public at least, you know.
    “Here’s your Whopper, onion rings and large diet Pepsi, Sir, have a good day!”
    “Just splendid and good day to you too servant of the land of Burger the King!”
    I love it when artists include images/vids of their process of creation. In many ways it’s more impressive and fascinating to me and adds that reality that a human did it.
    The tiny winged skeleton faeries, way too cool, especially the one riding the blue cardinal, I think, unless it’s bird of another feather. Not a blue jay I know that. ( Who cares Eric, it’s not important ! ) Certainly yes, the antiquated typewriters; something about them so prolific, how just an image still manages to type out thoughts and memories.
    The Wonderwood with branches and a bird is my fave of that series. Kind of reminiscent of that organ cathedral with branches awhile back; the artist’s name I fail to recall. The amazing zodiac lettering goes without mention.

  3. Wow! I love the details in every composition!!! Amazing!

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