Charles Wish

Charles Wish gives the observer much to explore and ponder in his work. Each time I look at these paintings, I notice new elements I hadn’t seen before. The eyes tend to dart around, trying to take it all in.


From the artist site: Charles Wish is a Los Angeles artist best known for visually fusing American Regionalist imagery with that of 16th – 19th century South-Asia. Citing various artists of the far-east along with American painters, including Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton, Wish thoughtfully combines the esoteric symbolism of an age-old civilization with some of rural-America’s most selfsame symbols and scenes.


“The things that fascinate me most in this world usually seem to be directly connected with either the felicity of nature or the culture-ghosts from some distinctly separate pasts. Formulating art which respectfully melds and unifies the best of these experiences always makes me feel inexpressively alive and inexpressively privileged.”


Charles Wish


One Response to “Charles Wish”

  1. I like this art, it’s imaginatively talented and colorful (big word). It definitely makes my corneas gallop across the canvas. His website has a lot of interesting works, too. I like the pencil drawings, like the raven on the apple. Though I also spotted several copyright infringements such as the famous Quaker Oats guy. Anyway, perhaps it’s because I haven’t eaten anything other than a Snickers bar for 7 hours, I tend to get irked when the artist website explains their work in such a lexicon way, that it’s an insulting to try to convince us that the paintings’ have a bigger, deeper meaning than what it really is – a painting of an acid trip in the waiting room of our minds, and the background music is Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. 😉

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