William Zdan

William Zdan paints evocative pieces that blur the lines between beautiful and ugly, peace and horror.


It’s amazing what the color red alone can do in that respect, no? Adding red to anything makes it slightly ominous, particularly with the shining gleam of tears (or are they?) and lipgloss.

His frames suit the subject matter well. Dark, industrial, in a strange middle ground between industrial and refined.

Suspense, in a few square inches…

William Zdan


2 Responses to “William Zdan”

  1. Bee stings on the eyeball, ouch! Contact lens would come in handy. Nice shades of red. I think somebody has to definitely know true misery and unmerciful slaughter of their happiness to decipher such macabre art. And still, it’s a personal preference about pain, and what has curtailed in your own life. These women appear on the brink of submission and acceptance of unrelenting torture; practically delving into eroticism. Are the girls’ actually pleasured from, eyes glossy wet, plump lips thoroughly used. She smiles as warm blood cascades her visage enjoyably. Are they enraptured by the segway of their deaths? Or perhaps enjoying orgasms? Yep, I said orgasm.

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