Hafod Grange Botanical Paperweights

Hafod Grange makes a gorgeous array of Botanical Paperweights.


I love both the idea and execution here. They are a glimpse of wildlife, frozen in time, and as much as I adore unencapsulated nature I find it intriguing to gaze upon the eternal “life” of that which we all know to be ephemeral.

They can custom make these spherical wonders with wedding or other special occasion flowers, if you’re the sentimental type (I am…I would very much like to get one).

Botanical Paperweights


5 Responses to “Hafod Grange Botanical Paperweights”

  1. These are beautiful and wonderful in execution and premise. Memories and moments are all we got. They are to be treasured and preserved the best we can, however so.

  2. Oh yes. I still remember my Dad showing me how to ‘tell time’ with a dandelion clock. Don’t know how old I would’ve been then, but well before school age – so veeeeeery many years ago ;). A cherished memory. How is it even possible to set a dandelion seed head in resin without it going gloopy? Just amazing! -Nx

  3. Ooh, had to google Flash Freezing. Very interesting! Still a tricky procedure with fragile objects I should imagine though – best undertaken by someone with very steady hands 😉 -Nx

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