Flying Squirrel Lamp

I can’t find a source for this Pinterest discovery, but it’s worth featuring.

I love flying squirrels. And I love that this exists.


PS. My comment forwarding was somehow disabled a week or two ago and I just discovered the glitch. Apologies for not seeing/replying to comments yet. I may not be able to catch up replying to each one, but I’m reading them all now! Please continue to comment. I’m hoping it’s resolved.


8 Responses to “Flying Squirrel Lamp”

  1. Hmm, I love flying squirrels too, but the thought of having one with a glowing bulb set in its tummy leaping down on me…… Eek! That kinda squicks me out! 😉

    Dana, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t expect you to reply to ANY of my comments. I comment just because I want to, just because I ADORE this blog – and when you do reply… well that’s an extra treat! I’ve been absent lately because of personal issues, but hope to catch up very soon (and from a brief scroll through, I see I have some wonderful catching up to do!)

    Much love, Neta x

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Thank you, Nx. If people are kind enough to spend their time reading/writing on this site, I always like to be courteous and answer if health allows!

  2. Cool, I dig this lamp. I’d love to see a bat version, too. I did some magic and found the source. It’s a Japanese woodcarving company called KIYATA: 😉

  3. Ooooo… Imagine walking into a dark room, turning on the light switch and being confronted by that completely unawares. Terrifying!

  4. Haha, Comment1 – and thanks; I’m now imagining that, and may not sleep tonight! 😉

    KEric: Magic indeed. The Kiyata site is brilliant! There’s a bunny seat, and a mixed-wood occasional table, and lots of little carved critters that I’d love to own. Have to say though, their Flying Squirrel Lamp pic is even more terrifying than the one above because the head’s more visible, so you can see its beady little eyes staring down at you! **Shudders**

    Dana, I know I’ve said it before, but this blog really does spark the most unexpected and fascinating dialogues! -Nx

  5. I’m thinking…a few of them flying over my pool table!!!

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