What a fun find! TomTov makes amazing little creatures, crafted around real seashells. How creative he is with his incorporation of shell shape!



Look at this lonely fellow. Don’t you just want to pick him up and tell him it’s going to be okay?




3 Responses to “TomTov”

  1. Awww indeed. The MouseOyster and the sad little MerBraniac feller are MINE!

    But then, how could I leave behind CowryBig-Teeth? Or even the strange little…… Um, anyone know what that last critter’s sculpted from…?

    What a fun find indeed Dana, and thank you for making my day, which up till now has been pretty dreadful, end on a wonderfully happy note. Love you! -Nx

  2. These are so ugly-cute, I love them!

  3. I take it somebody lives close to the sea. So precious, like cute seaweed patch kids. Yes, I’ll admit there’s a paternal desire let the little thing know it’ll be okay. “Leave the wussiness and get to the chopper, hurry!”
    I wonder who else bothered translating the linked site? “Why is the English all funny looking?” Three cheers for the internet (& Dana) for connecting us to the world of artistic splendor.. or destructive debauchery… according to what you prefer. Anyway these are fantastically cute. What a great imagination and a neat thing to collect. These would be awesome to pose in a giant fish tank. Perhaps also made waterproof, no biggie.

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