Pink Skeleton Wedding Dress

A Google image search ties this dress to Lucky 9 Designs, but I don’t see it in the photo albums there (I discovered it on Pinterest). At any rate, here’s something for the VERY offbeat brides in the audience:


Have you or would you ever wear a wedding dress like this? I would probably go more traditional (believe it or not!), but I admire the artistry.


5 Responses to “Pink Skeleton Wedding Dress”

  1. No, I wouldn’t wear that wedding dress either.

  2. Nope. I can see how skillfully it’s been constructed, but still – nope. Not even if I had the figure for it (which, sadly, I don’t)

    Bet KEric would look just gorgeous in pink ribs and fluffy ruffles though! [**Runs away very fast, before KEric can catch me!** >:) ] -Nx

    • That actually made me laugh. As a nutty teenager a girlfriend and her friends coerced me into undergoing a beauty makeover, stockings, make-up and all. Let’s just say I’m super grateful cell phones weren’t around then. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis must’ve been smiling down on me that day. 🙂

      • shewalkssoftly Says:

        Ha! What a good sport you were, KE.

      • Thanks, D. It was really all innocent fun, nothing kinky. They were depressed and bored and I volunteered as a way to cheer them up. I looked at it like dressing-up for Halloween. 🙂

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