Jeff Christensen

Check out the undead (and maybe dead) creations of Jeff Christensen.


Many of his paintings have an “interdimensional” feel to them, as if his subjects are exploring strange worlds or navigating between them.



Jeff Christensen


4 Responses to “Jeff Christensen”

  1. Once I recovered from the shock bomb of crazy weirdness, my stormy eyes began to focus and toxic dust settled on my brain, and upon my minds canvas I witnessed strange and wonderful art that had Morgan Freeman narrating a bizarre tale. YES! Morgan Freeman of all people! My brain zigged and zagged when it’s been boringly set on the straight and narrow all day. I’m going to have pizza for dinner because it’s a big circle and then little triangles.

  2. I love the use of light in these. The bright white bear, the lacy white sleeve. It really pulls everything together in a brilliant way.

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