Aris Kolokontes

Aris Kolokontes has a gallery of wonderful monster sculptures and busts. Look at the texture he achieves here!


They appear…lifelike.



Aris Kolokontes


5 Responses to “Aris Kolokontes”

  1. Wow, you’d swear you could see these breathing! Learned something new too: checked out the link to Kolokontes’ site and found his sculpt inspired by Cinder, the naked chimp, who I’d never heard of before (though Kolokontes’ interpretation is rather more scary than the real Cinder, who had the sweetest face imaginable):
    Sadly she died several years ago, but you can see why she was such a favourite with zoo visitors, her keepers, and her fellow chimps alike. Isn’t she just a darling?

    God, I love this blog! -Nx

  2. Simply stupendous, really. The Orc is so badass (technical term), as is all of Kolokontes’ work. I’m surprised he didn’t do the Kraken from Clash of the Titans, since he’s Greek, and obviously would dominate that sculpture.They really are incredibly lifelike, which I think is the highest compliment for any master sculptor to receive without offering to be their personal Igor – “Igor, why do you torture that thing so much?” “Do onto others, Master, before they do onto you.” “You’re an asshole, Igor, you know that, right? ” “Flattery will get you nowhere, Master.”
    All kidding aside, the unbelievable talent that haunts the internet is so humbling you really have to be an “Igor” to think you’re the best. Personally it humbles me to the core. “To become the best, you have to first realize you will never be the best, and that will finally lead you down the path of greatness, there’s no doubt about that.” Sorry, went a little Sorting Hat there. Two master sculptures that are extremely humble, and I admire greatly, are Jordu Schell and Cesar Decal Jr.
    Yep, Cinder was a cool chimp. Many people don’t know he smoked cigars, cigarettes and pipes. I’m sure that influenced his demise. And yep again, Dana, like her blog, is amazing on many levels. I know she “upkeeps” this blog for her fans and not to satiate an ego. The least we can do is show her how much we appreciate her.

  3. Oooooo, gruesome. That first one looks like Slimer’s mad uncle

  4. Poor Charlie. I’m sure folk didn’t mean to be cruel, but I can’t understand why they kept slipping him ciggies even after the zoo specifically banned it.

    So very true about the huge amount of talent out there. I know Jordu Schell’s work (and I see he’s listed on Kolokontes’ blog as a major influence and inspiration) but I’m shamed to say I’m not familiar with Cesar Decal. Must investigate further… 🙂 -Nx

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