Mealy Monster Land

Today’s one of a kind, bug-eyed art dolls come from Mealy Monster Land.


Caption for this guy, anyone?


For the Halloween lovers there are many pumpkin heads.

And some frazzled snowmen to keep the yuletide…interesting.

Mealy Monster Land


6 Responses to “Mealy Monster Land”

  1. re: “caption this”… just what I always wanted… a steve buscemi doll!

  2. Wonderfully wrong and ickly appealing, especially for Halloween, although those snow-creeps are neat. The first doll reminds me of the wonderful actress, Sylvia Sidney, commonly famous for the brash, smoke-like-a-chimney, consultant-for-the-recently-deceased lady in Beetlejuice, or the sweet, brain forlorn, horrible-taste-in-music grandma in Mars Attacks! The second does look like Steve Buscemi or should I say, Zombie Buscemi. The rest are darn neat. I see so much potential for this. I’m really curious to see her work a few years from now when she perfects sculpting in polymer clay, not that I’m implying it has to be perfect. Many times unperfect is perfect. I’m unperfect. Heck, you know what I mean. Also, I’ve stated this in a SWS post months back, but if you can sculpt PClay, than you sculpt pastry Fondant, meaning she could also evolve into cakes…. Just sayin’, be gentle.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Fondant? Three words: “wedding cake toppers.” Kidding, kidding…I think…

      • Fondant icing. Imagine sugary sweet clay. It’s used to decorate cakes and confectionary artists’ sculpt using it. Wedding cake toppers sounds great to me!

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