Matthew J. Levin

Pumpkinrot recently featured the work of Matthew J. Levin.

My favorite piece in his portfolio:

His strange creatures twist and turn at unnatural angles…

Most of them seem as if they were caught in the middle of movements.

Monsters await you.

Matthew J. Levin


6 Responses to “Matthew J. Levin”

  1. Dig it to ten on the creepy scale.

  2. Darrell Says:

    Reblogged this on Orange Cat Sculpting and commented:
    I’ve never reblogged anything, but this is just so good!

  3. I swear, every time I’m stuck, one of my internet fairy-god-friends comes to my aid. Been really struggling with how to create an effect I needed, and what should I find on Levin’s site but his tutorial for a technique (mixing flocking into polymer clay) which could just solve my problem. Thank you Dana! And of course Matthew 🙂

    Of the sculpts above, the first two are my faves – but most of all I covet his Springbok Woman:
    Would absolutely LOVE to give her a home. -Nx

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is what happens when people turn into candle wax

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