Mark Ryden: Memory Lane

Five years ago I saw Mark Ryden’s Gay 90’s exhibit in NY (wow…has it been five years already?). It was an incredible show filled with Ryden’s trademark wide eyes, kitschy color schemes, symbolism and American icons of bygone days.

The Gay 90’s West just opened in LA, featuring a gigantic new piece:

Ryden states:
One of the main pieces in this show is a large automaton diorama, titled Memory Lane [see video, above]. It is an eight-by-four-foot enclosure housed in a circus wagon-like structure. It is a bustling city street scene full of a combination of altered found objects (toys and dolls), sculpted, and painted elements. In an overarching way, it combines all of the themes and ideas I have been working with.

See an interview with Ryden about this show here.


8 Responses to “Mark Ryden: Memory Lane”

  1. Wow, that was amazing! It had so much and still left me wanting more.

    • bettiemuldoon Says:

      We’ll have to sneak in at night and swipe it. Why have the masses see it, when having our own 24 hour access in the living room would be so much more… introverted!

  2. Love, love, LOVE! So special. Would really like to share this with my LJ, DM, and Bloglovin’ friends (Hope Mark won’t mind as this really deserves to be out there!) -Nx

  3. That was such awesome eye and ear candy. Seriously, a train of those with different themes, exactly just like that in wagon style, should be built. Even cooler make it that a gumball gets passed around and finally dispenses out at the end. Imagine the delight a kid would get from that. I can see one with a Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban theme, with Dementor puppets floating above, all the while playing the eerie song ” something wicked this way comes.” That would kill at the Universal HP Wizarding World, setup like a kiosk in front of the shops. Just thought you oughta know.

  4. […] A remarkable diorama automaton from Mark Ryden. Via She Walks Softly. […]

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