Wibbley World

I stumbled upon Wibbley World in a random google image search, and found a collection of sweet, strange little animals.

I would love to see a plushy model/toy of this one.

And this.

Most creations are just a tad askew; not exactly cute, just shy of a nightmare.


Wibbley World


5 Responses to “Wibbley World”

  1. Apparently plushies are coming soon!

    Only what I REALLY want is a huggable version of that rainbow giraffe-thingie – and I don’t see anything similar lurking amongst Knowles’ prototypes **Sigh** Perhaps if we wish very, very, hard……… 😉 -Nx

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Nx, you have been such a loyal reader and commenter…when my hands are able…I will make you this giraffe. 🙂

  2. Carrie Filetti Says:

    I wish had a few of these!!!

  3. This is adorable. That second white unicorn cutie would be really sweet as part of a “magical forest” theme in a child’s room. Also just a thought, but one fine day maybe you can replicate them doing Needle Felt. I remember you said you’d like to try your hand at that.

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