Jeff Stahl

Jeff Stahl creates incredible celebrity caricature. Check out Christopher Walken!


Audrey Tautou:

His angles and skewing of perspective are brilliantly done. So distorted, yet so recognizable.

Anne Hathaway:

He also does some great skull studies.


Jeff Stahl


9 Responses to “Jeff Stahl”

  1. Haha Walkenstein! Great talent. He copyrights his caricatures, but I wonder if he has the legal right to utilize the celebrities’ visages for his own gain. Just sayin’. Today you can’t fart without some sort of ramification. If you recall, I was almost sued by a jean company for using “Route 66” in a design, which is a public highway. It’s like Hershey suing you for using “milk chocolate”.

  2. The Anne Hathaway one reminds me of the puppets in Genesis’ video for Land of Confusion. Love these.

  3. Amazing work, but I wish Stalh could be persuaded to share a little more info about his techniques. I know many of his caricatures are digital, but he also works in oils and pencil – and I have great difficulty telling which are which!

    Good point about image copyright btw! Back in the day, when I was no’but a wee thing (and dinosaurs roamed the earth) digital manipulation of a (copyrighted) photo was definitely a No-No – but you were safe if you reproduced that same image as a drawn, painted, or otherwise ‘originally interpreted’. Where does original digital imagery stand though, I wonder…? It’s a whole new (very confusing) world out there! -Nx

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I haven’t had to navigate this new world as a professional artist. I imagine there are many frustrations along the way, with people stealing/not crediting work online.

  4. bettiemuldoon Says:

    For some reason that skull reminds me of Klaus Kinski.

  5. Anonymous Says:


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