Tati Suarez

Tati Suarez paints big eyed girls who, in a pretty, innocent kind of way, all seem to have a touch of the Innsmouth look.


Strange, alien…almost bug-like…yet a bit captivating.



Tati Suarez


4 Responses to “Tati Suarez”

  1. Have to confess, the big bruised eyes make me rather uncomfortable – but I absolutely love all the wonderfully-detailed critters Suarez adds to her portraits (especially the bobble-hatted blue budgie from a painting on her website!). -Nx

    P.S. Haha, should’ve guessed you were a Lovecraft aficionado Dana – but then…… how could you not be? 😉

  2. I see what you mean. I imagine they have tentacles and even appear moist and pickled. I think perhaps, maybe, Tati should expand on this freaky look and experiment painting grotesque ladies that are beautiful in their own right. “More is a person than a scar across their face: They are beautiful and bold with the added benefit of humbleness.”

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