Alchemical Palmistry Hands

I had stashed away this Alchemical palmistry hand on a private wish list for a year or two (then I received it over the holidays from a loved one with an uncanny knack for independently finding my coveted items, sans clues).

The one above is my favorite. This one is a close second:

There are also other versions of this item available.

Like this one…

And these…


Many artistic representations exist as well.



I confess, I’ve never looked into palmistry. Someone told me as a child that all the tiny X’s on my hand meant a life of extreme tragedy (which, sadly, was pretty spot on in some ways). Never really wanted to see what the rest of my palm said after hearing that lovely assessment.


Do you read palms, or have you had yours read? What’s your take on the subject?


8 Responses to “Alchemical Palmistry Hands”

  1. That’s a beautiful gift. I never told you this but since we’re on the subject. As a wee little kid, a stranger at my parent’s friends wedding reception had read my palm. She was part of the entertainment and claimed to be a gypsy, she certainly looked like one. All I remember she was terribly sweet and told me my long lines mean I will live a long age but will suffer tragedies before I’m finally happy. She sort of was right, I guess. I definitely had major tragedies’, almost died twice, this being perhaps the most merciful as I got older, as you can guess, Dana. Am I yet finally happy? No, not really, to be truthful.

  2. The first one’s very elegant and yes, what a wonderful gift to receive! The second reminds me a little too much of ‘The Beast with Five Fingers’ and that Michael Caine film, ‘The Hand’. I’d be nervous I was going to wake one morning and find it missing from its perch… 😉

    My take on palmistry? Well I think a gifted and intuitive person can probably tell a great deal from someone’s hand, but I’m not convinced that stretches to predicting their future, except perhaps in the broadest sense. However I have friends who read The Tarot (not sure about that either, but we agree to differ) and I know they’d never dream of telling anyone, least of all a child, to expect a life of extreme tragedy. They say there are always kinder, more constructive, ways of presenting inauspicious readings, while still being honest about what you see. -Nx

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I agree. It was a pretty harsh statement! I read tarot, but do not see it as anything supernatural. Tarot is a rich collection of archetypes that can catalyze expansion of perspective.

  3. maurnas Says:

    My father is a palmist. He does it as a side hobby. I love that second one. I have been lusting after one for a while.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Oh, how cool! Have you found his readings to be accurate?

      • maurnas Says:

        It’s very difficult to tell when he reads me. I’m his daughter and all. It’s kind of like trying to read yourself. It is interesting, though. Other people have said it’s very accurate.

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