Henry Schreiber

Henry Schreiber has a marmot obsession. These fuzzy inhabitants of mountainous terrain take on many different roles in Shreiber’s work.

Terminator marmot! (Two words I never thought I’d say together)


I rather love the fact that he sticks with one beloved creature in a variety of forms, ranging from deadly to regal. Marmots have been drastically underrepresented in the art world.

What marmot would YOU want to see if you made a request?


Henry Schreiber


5 Responses to “Henry Schreiber”

  1. Ooh, a cuddly Terminator! (And those are two words *I* never thought I’d say together!)

    Know exactly what marmot(s) I want by the way. Just had a look at Schreiber’s deviantart site, and he’s in the process of creating a chess set. Wanna Marmot Chess Set soooo very badly! -Nx

  2. Hahaha, this makes me smile. I just so happen to adore groundhogs. I have three on my property,including a new fuzzy toddler that keeps running (wobbles more like it) under my truck from the simplest terrifying sound. Yep, I feed them, although they pretty much dine on my All-They-Can-Eat Lawn Buffet. It’s becoming a regular Disney movie here now that Spring has sprung.

    “Cuddly Terminator” needs a black leather jacket and shades. I’m particularly fond of Marmot Barbarian (or Viking) and Dark King Marmot. I agree with Neta, marmot chess set is pretty neat. I would love to see Super Hero marmots, like the Avengers. I laugh thinking of Hulk, Thor, and Iron marmot. Hey, how about Marmotzilla? Remember Blue Oyster Cult’s song? “Oh, noooo! There’s goes Toyko – go, go Godzilla -yeeeah!”

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