Camille Rose Garcia: La Danse Macabre

Roq La Rue now has the latest collection from one of my all time favorite artists Camille Rose Garcia: La Danse Macabre.


And I must say, she delivers once again with this one!


Her worlds come alive in the ambiguous ground between a fairy tale and fever dream.


She makes each of her collections unique with their own distinct color scheme (ah, it was a pink/beach/black that drew me in all those years ago!). I’m definitely digging the royal blue here.


I LOVE the way she paints hands; delicate, sinister, long bony fingers…



Camille Rose Garcia
La Danse Macabre

See also: Camille Rose Garcia’s Alice in Wonderland


One Response to “Camille Rose Garcia: La Danse Macabre”

  1. I really love this. It’s like early 20th century cartoon style meets Lewis Carroll’s Goth alter ego. The amazing rich colors are neon in affect (if not so) and the black contrasts so nice. There’s nothing I don’t like. Checked her website and the YouTube link is terrific to watch.

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