Lion Sands Game Reserve

While I figured Europe would be my destination continent when I can finally travel…Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa seems to be the perfect getaway for romantic introverts like me.


Lion Sands offers guests the opportunity to stay in their choice of five lodges and three tree houses, each with its own unique experience. The lodges have spacious rooms with private decks that overlook gorgeous sights such as the Sabie River and Kruger National Park. For the more adventurous traveler, the tree houses provide the opportunity to sleep under the stars.


As someone who travels with a tendency to view sights and take in the full sensory experience of a place (rather than chatting up and partying with the locals), this place looks spectacular to me.


Since lodgings are on a wildlife reserve, one might even get to watch the roaming lions, giraffes and other beautiful creatures. I would chat up the local giraffes though, if they came over to say hello.


Lion Sands Game Reserve


2 Responses to “Lion Sands Game Reserve”

  1. Magical. I also love the additional information Lion Sands helpfully supplies for its tree houses, which includes:

    Fatalities: 0
    Star gazing: 1 million
    Torch: Yes
    Radio communication: Yes
    Cellphone signal: Yes
    WiFi: You must be joking!

    Sounds like my kind of holiday! 😉 -Nx

  2. Hakuna matata !!!! Wow, that would be an amazing place to go, and yes, romantic, getaway. It’s gotta be such a wonderful sensory overload, especially to stay in that tree house. Imagine feeding giraffes from there? I’d have to be completely convinced a lion wouldn’t sneak-up for a quick meal before I could truly “settle-in”. Yep, the social scene is overrated, that’s for sure, not when you can sightsee and absorb the wonders around.

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