Alicia Martin Lopez

Alicia Martin Lopez drew me in with this ambiguous, fascinating mural (stare at it all you want…you’ll never really know what it is):


And I was pleased to discover a cadre of surreal, grotesque creatures on her website…




Alicia Martin Lopez


8 Responses to “Alicia Martin Lopez”

  1. Wow – very surreal, but they are not scary at all. They look more inquisitive than horrifying.

  2. I’ve stared at it. All I see is a slaughtered walrus hodgepodge creature, a dead pig’s ass and ripped fabric bags. You’ve got to be the radiant sunshine coming through the window ! šŸ™‚

  3. Haha! Well I’ve had a quick google (do I spend way too much time browsing, or what?!) and apparently that was an installation at the NY School of Visual Arts where, if you viewed it after dark, all you could see was the radiant light from the window…

    …so yep, I reckon that has to be our Dana shining through! šŸ˜‰

    Seriously though, I’ve never seen anything quite like these images before (which is why I’m so addicted to this blog, of course!). Surreal, gentle, and occasionally almost painful. Very unsettling. -Nx

  4. Oh my! It’s like an Akira Sloth. I love it!

  5. These are great! That first one looks like a living, slug-couch

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