Bayer Aspirin Prayer Card

The recent guest post over at Morbid Anatomy showcases a truly amazing item: The Bayer Aspirin Prayer Card.


Made in the style of traditional holy cards in the 1940’s, this glow in the dark mass produced devotional object implies that faith is awesome…but for bodily ailments there’s aspirin (Jesus can’t fix it? Take a pill!). If you look at the image for thirty seconds, then view a white surface, it shows “God.”

I’ve actually never seen a black holy card, only the kitschy technicolor variety. What a great collector’s item. Can’t beat an endorsement from The Lord, now can we?


7 Responses to “Bayer Aspirin Prayer Card”

  1. Gotta visit that museum one day. When I was a tyke the church gave out laminated holy cards to all the kids. I don’t know about the Bayer card letting me see God but something tells me there was a Holy Water beverage to piss out your demons. It works great for making Sharkleberry Fin Kool-Aid, too.

  2. Yep, I remember something very similar to those holy cards being dished out to kids in the UK too, but that Bayer Aspirin card reaches a whole new level of ‘Urk!’ We are indeed a peculiar yet interesting species. -Nx

  3. Sorry Jews, try Tylenol.

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