Michael Halbert

Michael Halbert has a series of “inventors” that look like antique etchings. I love seeing revivals of this style.




And enjoy a bonus video of the scratchboard illustration for this great piece for Steamworks Beer:

Michael Halbert


8 Responses to “Michael Halbert”

  1. That was fun!! Thanks for posting!

  2. So skillful. Just watched a couple of Halbert’s youtube tuts, and can hardly believe all the linework is done freehand! I’ve dabbled a little with scratchboard in the past (it’s usually called ‘scraperboard’ in the UK, but I think ‘scratchboard’ is a more descriptive term) yet never attempted anything nearly so intricate as this. Ooh, these pics make me want to dig out my pens and have another go…! -Nx

  3. Great post D. Scratchboard is probably my favorite art style. This guy does it brilliantly, and vids are also a great touch. Kudos to him!

  4. Kelly Goles Says:

    Such talent- and patience! I could watch videos like that all day. Simply beautiful.

  5. Ha, I may just take you up on that! – Nx

  6. Um, sorry – that was supposed to be a reply to Dana. My phone seems incapable of responding to the appropriate comment. (Story of my life **Deep sigh**) -Nx

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