Troy Brooks

Troy Brooks’s female subjects are not what we might call “beautiful” in the traditional sense. But these oddly elongated, crystal-eyed ladies are nonetheless compelling to look at.


Each one seem to be a piece of a story (that writes itself differently for every viewer, no doubt).

One can’t help but wonder what lies beneath these contemplative faces…what have they seen?

Troy Brooks


6 Responses to “Troy Brooks”

  1. If we want to donate to the cause, but don’t *need* anything from the store, what should we do?

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I am *hopefully* going to be starting a little nonprofit in the next few months…not exactly for my specific illness (far too narrow), but a resource to empower people who have undergone radical physical transformation/disfigurement as a result of illness. Stay tuned!

  2. Haunting to the imagination. All the ladies elude to being love stricken or the devil may care; a hardship festering their insides. I think a great fourth addition to these would be the lady on his homepage, with the crow on her shoulder.

  3. Compelling indeed, though a ‘slow burner’ for me. When I first saw these pics I thought: ‘Yeah, sort of interesting.’ Something must have lit a spark though, because I had to keep coming back for one more look… Finally I checked out the link to Troy Brooks’ website and got totally hooked.

    Sort of Raymond Chandler meets the court of Louis XVI, with just a dash of Stieg Larsson thrown in to confuse us. Delicious! -Nx

  4. These are great although they remind me a little of Marilyn Manson!

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