Irene Garcia

Last year I came across this haunting image by Irene Garcia, but there was no image credit. I was happy to find it again and peruse her other work.


It’s a skeleton-laden portfolio, heavily inspired by dia de los muertos (works for me!)


I think this is my favorite pencil sketch.

Irene Garcia


2 Responses to “Irene Garcia”

  1. Love that first image especially; it’s beautiful, and would’ve haunted me too!

    Also, thanks so much Dana for taking the time to track down and credit the artist! So much original work is being misappropriated online these days (often for financial gain) by talentless digital thieves. We all need to be sure we’re crediting the true creators when we feature artwork on our sites! -Nx

  2. The first two images are definitely eerie. ” Haunting” is reminiscent of a succubus morphing into seductive naked flesh as a full moon glows into the room. For some reason pencil sketches speak to me. I guess primarily because it’s simplistic of the artist’s talent or message trying to be expressed. I like the last sketch, too, that would look pretty framed in a little girl’s room or daresay a tattoo for someone who lost their baby daughter.

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