Eric Standley

Eric Standley’s paper cut sculptures are breathtaking.


From afar, these pieces look almost like stained glass windows. But upon closer inspection that are layered with intricate patterns of color and form, delicate and gorgeously intertwined.


There is a grace to this work…a flow that makes design seem almost alive.



Eric Standley


4 Responses to “Eric Standley”

  1. These pieces are amazing! I’ve looked at them repeatedly and, though I can kinda see how they were created, the necessary planning (both 2- and 3-D) plus the execution – and then the wonderful use of colour – makes my head spin!

    Yep, they’re stunning! -Nx

  2. This is magnificent; it does look like stained glass windows. I’m the type that enjoys trying to figure out how something is done, be it art or architecture. I have assumptions how this is done, though anyway I think about it it still is meticulously difficult and talented craftsmanship that expands years of mastering. Cool name, too. šŸ˜‰

  3. That’s astonishing! I love the 3 dimensional texture of them but I can scarcely imagine how anyone can actually do them!

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