Fritz Schwimbeck: Creation and Death

I came across this series of plates by Fritz Schwimbeck, created in 1919.



It’s a somber looking collection, filled with dark ink and ominous scenery, but the images form a narrative culminating in “eternity.”




See a few more at the source.


5 Responses to “Fritz Schwimbeck: Creation and Death”

  1. Carrie Filetti Says:

    The 3 one down looks to be Darth Vader. Maybe the force has been around longer than we thought 😉


    After a failed suicide attempt, Fritz jumped on a tramp steamer and ended up in Vaudeville on Broadway with the Marx Brothers. He was the life of every party, and struck it rich in the Roaring 20’s with his hit song “In Your Hat, Kaiser Wilhelm” . Fritz left this earth prematurely after being shot out of a cannon, falling to earth into a vat of liverwurst, having crashed through the roof of a meat packing plant. He attributed his early artwork to alcohol and sex deficiency.

  3. Liverwurst is delicious.

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