Thrice Sliced and Still Kickin’

One year ago, I was pretty certain my health couldn’t get worse. I was bed bound, unable to communicate via speech or typing, barely able to eat and unable to perform the simplest of tasks due to pain. That had to be the low point, right?


Well, on March 4th I woke up with stomach cramps. By the evening I was doubled over, choking back screams in the ER, until my CT scan revealed an intestinal perforation, requiring open surgery. They tried to delicately explain that the operation I was about to have is one of the worst procedures out there to recover from (even for someone without a CNS disorder that amplifies pain 100 fold). When they went in, they discovered such massive infection that I was mere hours away from going septic and losing my life. It still gets me misty eyed thinking of my father…and my dearest loved ones…getting that news.


I’ll skip details of the grueling recovery, because the point of this post is gratitude!

I didn’t die.

Nor did I die when they had to go in and do another emergency open surgery for scar tissue obstruction months later! Sheesh.

Nope, didn’t die then either.

After the second operation (which was actually my third major abdominal procedure), when I was painstakingly starting to get up and take my first few steps, I enlisted the help of my best friend and together we made a mini mix of inspiring 80’s “training montage” songs. A few selections:

So when I got up, I’d put my phone in my IV pole tray and have these songs playing as I ventured out into hospital hallways.

…a little much needed comic relief for everyone! It made the pain a tad more bearable to see the laughs, smiles and thumbs up from the staff and fellow patients as I slowly went by.

The past year has been the most astoundingly challenging, and most profoundly revelatory of my life. While pain still prohibits me from joining the land of the living quite yet, in many ways I am starting to heal from an “incurable” illness against all odds. You better believe I will continue that process until I am fully functional. Every little thing feels like a miracle despite the intense pain remaining. Eating, breathing, READING…you name it!

Some of you have been with this blog for the whole trajectory thus far, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here’s hoping that one year from now I will still be sharing arts and oddities, with the newfound freedom of one who has regained life and limbs! I must believe that each and every day, my strange miracle of recovery takes hold a little more.


12 Responses to “Thrice Sliced and Still Kickin’”

  1. Congrats on your recovery! You’re a tough cookie and a true inspiration for keeping your sense of humor throughout it all. I hope that life just gets better and better for you. You’ve certainly earned a free pass on some of that BS that the universe throws our way. Here’s hoping you never get stuck in traffic, never get audited by the IRS, never get selected for additional security screenings by the TSA, never have a bad hair day, and above all, that you never have to spend that much time in a hospital ever again!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Thank you so much, Brantley! I think the Universe is a little slow on the uptake with that whole bad hair day thing…but at least I’ve been out of hospitals for a month! Wishing you so much luck with your blog (it’s great!) and other endeavors. 🙂

  2. Sweetheart (and please don’t be offended by that epithet, it’s one that has a very special meaning for me – and therefore one I rarely use) you inspire me every day!

    The playlist’s fab, and the fortune cookie cartoon cracks me up! One year from now, you’ll be amazing us all. Love, Neta x

  3. I love you every day for who you were, who you, are and who you become. xoxox

  4. There’s no doubt you suffer horribly. You know I support you 100% 99

  5. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Wish I were by your side to help and support you more. XOXOX

  6. I rarely if never comment on blogs but I’ve been reading your for the last few years and think you’re the best… “Chin up and give’m Hell”

  7. I have been following your posts for awhile now, and I am absolutely in love with this site. Hoping that all is well and remains well in the future. Sending awesomely good vibes your way! And thanks again for all the wonderful art and oddities.

  8. Colleen Van Says:

    Here’s to many, many more Dana!

  9. Devicat Says:

    Horrified and elated. Horrified you had to suffer so terribly but so very glad you are still here. I’ve read your blog for years now and am still amazed and glad to know someone (even in peripheral) like you.

  10. shewalkssoftly Says:

    Unfortunately, hand pain prevents me from replying to each comment as I’d like to, but THANK YOU everyone. Your kindness and support are healing in and of themselves!

  11. Dana,please never give up! You are one of those rare people that are jewels,a sunny creature walking on this Earth. I simply adore your blog and wish you much health and luck so you can continue writing it. Cheers to you!

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