Csilla Savos

Csilla Savos plays with surreal intersections of shape, anatomy and other elements of the natural world.



Strange and dream-like…mildly unsettling…


Csilla Savos


3 Responses to “Csilla Savos”

  1. I like these images. You nailed the descriptions; they’re bewildering in an almost catatonic way. I think if I had to choose one, I’m thinking the 3rd, the verdigris tone and “veiny trees” above the tortured eye were the clincher.

  2. Oh yes, these are definitely unsettling. Difficult to choose a favourite; I like the colours of #3, but I’m also rather drawn to the imagery of #1. I wonder if Savos starts out with a clear idea of what she wants to achieve, or just lets the image form as she works? Very eerie. -Nx

  3. Reblogged this on Swackhammer and commented:
    These are just lovely.

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