Victo Ngai

Here are three of my favorite pieces from Victo Ngai.


I couldn’t place why her work looked so familiar until viewing her client list and realizing that I most likely saw it in The New Yorker. This dazzling image in particular:

So lovely…

Victo Ngai


3 Responses to “Victo Ngai”

  1. Great usage of color tones. She has an interview video on her site that’s interesting, if not mostly aspiring, for those seeking directional advice in an art career. Spiderweb skull is my favorite; I particularly like the glistening wet dew.

  2. Just beautiful. I think the first is my favourite, but it’s hard to choose. And yes, such wonderful colour palettes. Inspirational. -Nx

  3. maurnas Says:

    These are gorgeous!

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