Jeremy Messersmith: Organ Donor

This charming little video comes from one of my friends via the SWS facebook page (Thank you Christine!)

4 Responses to “Jeremy Messersmith: Organ Donor”

  1. I’ve had a *extremely* rough day today, and this video made me smile. Does that mean I’m weird? Probably, but who cares? Thanks Dana, for providing some much-needed light relief for the weird among us! -Nx

  2. Ah, so very much appreciated, m’dear. And {{hugs}} right back at-ya! -Nx

  3. This Jeremy Messersmith is my new favorite artist, I’ll definitely buy his other songs. I absolutely love this song, it touched my soul, and the video was magnificent. I watched it twice before I posted this. Everyone needs that special partner to cherish, to make one another’s life better through thick and thin.

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