Aganetha Dyck: Interspecies Honeycomb Sculptures

The idea of “interspecies sculpture” captured my attention (as long as it is entirely respectful of all species involved). Here we have the provocative juxtaposition of popular human design and apiary architecture.


Aganetha Dyck who for years has been working with the industrious insects to create delicate sculptures using porcelain figurines, shoes, sports equipment, and other objects left in specially designed apiaries. As the weeks and months pass the ordinary objects are slowly transformed with the bees’ wax honeycomb.


Born in Manitoba in 1937, the Canadian artist has long been interested in inter-species communication and her research has closely examined the the ramifications of honeybees disappearing from Earth. Working with the insects results in completely unexpected forms which can be surprising and even humorous.


See more photos and a great video at the source.


3 Responses to “Aganetha Dyck: Interspecies Honeycomb Sculptures”

  1. I was taken aback by this at first sight. Then my immense fondness, my love, my full respect for nature kicked-in and I focused onto the real beauty, it’s quaint appeal of the bee’s art work in what can be simply misperceived as grotesque to pompous art connoisseurs and average Joes. This also for me is a justifiable representation of nature obscuring human’s beauty as humans so does ruin nature’s beauty. The difference being humans are primarily conscious of their destruction whereas nature, bees in this case, only do what they need – not what they want to do. If humans followed that discipline there’d be more of better and less of worse in the world. I think Aganetha Dyck has done something noble here. Mmmm, now I want honey on buttered French bread.

  2. What a fantastic idea!

  3. Wow, brilliant, just brilliant! I just don’t know what else to say.

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