Desktop Goodies 2/20

Desktop goodies are building up way faster than I can comment on all of them (I tend to save at least 20 images a day, and have never attempted to get my digital collecting in check).

Here are some images that speak for themselves.












5 Responses to “Desktop Goodies 2/20”

  1. Love all these (well, except the clown plate, which is way too creepy, even for me!).

    My absolute faves are #7 and #10 (though it’s a very tough call). Had fun trying to place them too: I know #7’s the Palermo Tatzel Worm – but #10 eludes me. It looks like the illustration for a book cover – and if it is, I soooo wanna read that book!!! -Nx

  2. Ooh, just had a thought! Could #10 be Lyra leading her Mulefa friends to safety from the Tualapi attack? So long since I read Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ that the details have faded. Time to revisit them, perhaps… -Nx

  3. I always look for dates on the vintage ads; they had so much depth in the past and I love how antiquated paper ages to ivory shades.
    All the images are interesting in their own right, it’s hard to pick a favorite or shall I say the strangest. I’m exhausted but here goes…

    * Something about skeletons and sepia that appeals to me. * If I was a barber I’d so have the wolf man shampoo on my wall. * An elegant dinner served by nonalcoholic spirits, now that’s what I wish I could experience. I wonder if Walt Disney got the idea for the haunted mansion from that? * Can’t tell if that book is about being properly malevolent or benevolent. * That creepy doll is possessed if there ever was one. * Cat vs. lobster = kitty’s dinner. * Now I know how my black cat would look if it mated with a snake; somehow I’m guessing this is related to Satan or witchcraft. Fortunately people today can educate themselves and realize true “witchcraft” isn’t about evil things at all. * We all know that creepy clown plate was in the same box with the creepy doll, in fact the box is probably labeled, Creepy Junk. Never liked clowns as a kid, still don’t. * I bet anything that elephant fitted in the car’s backseat. * The last picture is either the Little Debbie Girl Builds A Time Machine or Neta’s right.

  4. SnakeCat! I love Spiritualism Made Useful… the possibilities are endless!

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