Neli Josefsen

I couldn’t find much written info about Neli Josefsen, but she is responsible for this i-can’t-believe-it’s-a-cake creation.

This is edible!

Anyone have favorite cake artists?


3 Responses to “Neli Josefsen”

  1. Wow! There’s a cake I’d definitely rather have than eat.

  2. Oooh, I have a new favourite now 😉

    Apparently Neli’s a Bulgarian ex-musician living in Norway! There’s a nice interview (and photo) here:

    (Not sure if I’m allowed to post links as a guest, but if the web address gets pulled, searching’ ‘Cakes Decor Interview #15: Neli Josefsen’ should find it).

    From her comments on Flickr she sounds like fun, too! -Nx

  3. That’s an unbelieeeeeevable cake! She’s definitively a talented bakery artist. I love the whole enchanted teacup theme and the alit candle on top. It’s probably a real candle though. My only gripe is they should be called edible sculptors. Highly elaborate cakes aren’t really cakes; they’re primarily erected with compounded rice crispy treats, then sculpted-out with fondant dough and sometimes also marzipan, a German treat, as you know Dana. If you can sculpt polymer clay, you can work fondant, and if you can bake, then essentially most sculptors can now be a fancy cake artist. Me included. With that hullaballoo said, I’m glad there is supremely talented cake artists out there like Neli Josefsen willing to make our wedding cake, albeit truthfully for a small fortune. I don’t want to do it, I want to enjoy it, I want to stick the art in my face hole and smile.

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