Thomas A. Gieseke

Behold Queen Tardigrade!


She is just one of many bright, densely packed lowbrow delights from Thomas A. Gieseke.


This one is a favorite of mine, in part due to the title: The Extrovert Leaves the Introvert to His Own Devices:

We introverts do love that.

Thomas A. Gieseke


4 Responses to “Thomas A. Gieseke”

  1. so strange.. I love it !

  2. I see Thomas did a portrait of one of my horrible ex sister-in-laws, Queen Porky Snob the First… but I digress. I definitely see 70’s intervention in his work, being in his 60s I understand why (Go Tom!) and crazy, veiny, popping eyes was the trademark of Ed Roth’s Rat Fink back in the day.The last is also my favorite although I don’t think it’s the best on his website. Prompted to mind is Attack from Mars, one of my favorite comedic/horror sci-fi movies, second only to Young Frankenstein directed by Mel Brooks in ’74.

  3. These are absolutely glorious! What a riot! I like how even that last one has ants and roaches all over the place

  4. For some reason these images remind me of bubblegum cards I used to collect when I was a wee thing.

    Especially love, ‘The Extrovert Leaves the Introvert to His Own Devices’. Suits my mood perfectly right now šŸ˜‰ -Nx

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