Jessica Joslin: Animal Anatomy

The inimitable Jessica Joslin has a new series of fantastically fabricated animals!


From her bio:
The creatures that populate Jessica Joslin’s world are intricate fusions of bone, brass, antique hardware and other scavenged treasures. Infused with the Victorian era’s passion for natural history and arcane technology, these creatures reflect both the real and the imagined animal, the living and the dead.


Through careful observation and intricate construction, they re-imagine the animal kingdom, bolt by bolt, beast by beast. They are a nod to the Wunderkammer of yore, and the Victorian predilection for invention and exploring science through the collecting of naturalia. The precision of the engineering conveys a sense that these beasts are anatomically plausible, and the spark of life is simulated through limpid glass eyes, engaging the viewer silently and directly.

I wish this was part of a Christmas ornament set. I would love to decorate with these:

I am always thrilled to see Jessica’s new work. Give the whole series a look HERE.


4 Responses to “Jessica Joslin: Animal Anatomy”

  1. I love these! I can scarcely believe the amount of detail on those bat wings!

  2. I have been a fan of her work for some time. It’s just amazingly creative and such skill shown.

  3. Oooh, I didn’t realise she had a new series on display – thanks so much for the heads up! -Nx (off to drool over JJ’s website…)

  4. Spectacularly creative, if not ingenious art. Checking the website confirms it. And absolutely love the antiquatedness implied, as if they were made a century ago. Wouldn’t even mind seeing verdigris on the brass. Dig the taxidermy and I’m not a big fan of taxidermy. Yep, Christmas ornaments, most definitely.

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