Christina Mrozik

Christina Mrozik’s work is positively gorgeous.


I really like the artist bio, so I’ll let that do the talking for me:

Christina Mrozik has spent the majority of her life observing the natural world and the types of relationships that form within it. Having grown up on the Grand River in Michigan, she was inspired by it’s habitats at an early age.


Blending the external world with her own understanding of the human condition has led to her distinct style, in which flora and fauna stand in, representing the simultaneous and often opposing matters of the human heart. She often draws with ink and marker on paper, adding bursts of color with watercolor and high pigmented acrylics.


Christina is inspired by many of the early naturalists such as Audobon, but also by visual storytellers such as Rackham. She views the art making process as one of portraiture, in which analyzing the drawing helps make sense of peoples’ histories and abilities. Based in Grand Rapids Michigan, she has shown both regionally and nationally.

Christina Mrozik


3 Responses to “Christina Mrozik”

  1. Beautiful. The way Mrozik uses such a wealth of mixed media to achieve her desired result is a lesson in itself. ‘Swan’ is my favourite: hauntingly lovely! -Nx

  2. Definitely gorgeous work. I like her classical style to a very modern approach of projecting reflections of ourselves with and into nature. It appears the eyes of the animals hold pain and suffering. Look at the swan, I see pleading stares for conservation…either that or I’m just way too melancholy today.

  3. Beautiful work.

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