Andrezej Masianis

In the world of “abstract” art, it takes a lot to grab my attention fully. Andrezej Masianis’s tapestries certainly do the trick.


Shapes…just on the threshold of conscious recognition…come alive from the tangled backgrounds.


These paintings delightfully rope the brain into half-emerged stories.


Andrezej Masianis


3 Responses to “Andrezej Masianis”

  1. Entrancing. “Roping the brain” is a great way to put it. I like art that influences the mind to puzzle together a story. It’s reminiscent of back in the day when I was a little Anakin Skywalker and gawk at my Mom’s four ashtrays set-out in the 70’s living room because they were comprised of gorgeous biblical paintings. I considered them fine art and would keep them clean. Fortunately my mom didn’t smoke unless company came.

  2. Incredible! The mixture of all that detail and the somewhat washed-out look gives it an amazingly dreamy feel. It’s so true, there’s so much to understand but you just can’t quite grasp it.

  3. RL means I’m struggling to keep up atm, and I almost missed this – so glad I scrolled back! These detailed creations really need to be viewed at a high resolution don’t they? And when you do… Mesmerising! -Nx

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